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Make Your App Go Viral: 5 Tips for Increasing Customer Engagement and Sharing

Posted by Patricia Gorecki | 11/20/2013 | Category: Mobile Strategy

Make your App ViralYou have already gone ahead and built an amazing app that showcases your restaurant. You have marketed your app online and in the restaurant, but you are not seeing the number of downloads you were hoping for. How can you turn things around and get your app to go viral?

We have put together the top five principles that are vital to creating an app with viral potential. Now it is time to step back and take a look at your app to make sure you are hitting these key areas.

    1. Is my app easy to use and conducive to sharing? You want your app to seem effortless. Confusing and cumbersome apps are a sure-fire turn off for customers. It is important that you remove the obstacles to using and sharing your app. Incorporate one click sign-in via social networking sites so customers can register quickly, allow customers to mass share with their current social media connections, or allow users to post to multiple platforms at one time.

    2. Am I rewarding my customers for interacting with my app? The easiest way to encourage behavior is to reward it. Provide gift incentives for each friend a customers refers to your app as well as for the referred individual. Rewards can range from discounts and coupons to loyalty program points and free items. Set up limited time sharing promotions to create urgency and encourage timely sharing.

    3. Am I giving my customers control over what is being shared? With today's concerns about privacy and excessive sharing, transparency is key to building trust. Let customers know what content will appear on their social networks and what will be shared publicly. Remind users that your app will not share information without their permission and allow them to control what is shared with an easy-to-use settings screen.

    4. Is my app keeping my customer’s interest long term? You do not want customers to visit your app once and then forget about it. Create useful notifications to convince them to visit, share tips on how to get the most out of the app and remind them of new rewards and events. Just remember not to overdo it with the notifications and reminders. We recommend giving users the ability to control what notifications they receive and how often they want to receive them.

    5. Is my app worth sharing? The answer to this question is key to your viral potential. If your app is not providing any benefit or meaningful information to the user, it will not be shared. Make sure you are giving a tangible benefit to your user and they will want to share it. Build in value with discounts, promotions and coupons for app users. The more users find benefit in your app, the more likely they are to share with their social network.

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