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The Founder of #Foodiechats Chats with MojoBistro

Posted by Kate Seiferth | 9/16/2013 | Category: Social Media

The Internet is a wonderful and tasty place for food lovers to unite. Foodies everywhere are documenting their craft brews and unique dining experiences via social media. One clever guy, Steve Green, is making the Internet an even more delicious place for foodies with his Monday night chat on Twitter, #Foodiechats.

Foodies from all over the world come together on the Monday night chats to discuss all things gourmet and all things simple, as long as it involves food. This is a great opportunity for restaurants to increase their social media engagement by jumping in on the chat with their customers. It is the perfect way to interact with a ready-made demographic of food lovers. So why should you join the #Foodiechats community? We talked to the main man himself to bring you the answer.

What was your inspiration to start #Foodiechats on Twitter?

My inspiration to start #Foodiechats was to create a worldwide social foodie community where foodies, restaurants, and brands can share who they are and what they are up to. I have been a community builder my entire life and what better way to bring people together than over a live and virtual meal.

Why should a restaurant participate in #Foodiechats and how do they get started?

A restaurant can participate in #Foodiechats in two ways. They can host a live (in their restaurant) and online #Foodiechats or they can just participate on Twitter. Restaurants can participate on our weekly Monday night #Foodiechats or they can tag their foodie pics with our hashtag #Foodiechats any day of the week. This is a great chance for restaurants to network with social foodies.

What is your favorite food related mobile app?

My favorite food related mobile app is Instagram. This is the best platform to showcase what you are eating and comment on what others are eating.

Social media and technology have really created a great community for foodies to bond. What is your fondest memory of #Foodiechats yet?

I have so many fond memories of #Foodiechats, and the very first night was amazing. We trended nationally on Twitter and the very first chat lasted for 5 hours.

Recently, I went to Seattle with Negra Modelo and Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless, which was awesome! Earlier in the year, I went to New York City to kick off restaurant week with Norwegian Cruise Line and Celebrity Chef Geoffrey Zakarian.

#Foodiechats was created on May 9, 2011, and foodies worldwide have participated every Monday. Participants use the hashtag #Foodiechats for Monday chat time as well as every day for their foodie pics and tips! I just hired several people and look forward to adding many new channels and features to #Foodiechats!

Thanks to Steve Green, founder of #Foodiechats, for taking the time to connect with us on the MojoBistro and KeyLimeTie blogs. We look forward to chatting with you all during #Foodiechats on Twitter!


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